Monarto Equestrian Centre


The Three C's of Conduct


                -for your horse

                -for others

                -for yourself





                -other person's property

                -the privilege of using Monarto

                -noise levels

                -being helpful

                -your language

                -tidiness of the property

                -yourself as seen by others




                -with the rules of the centre

                -with others

                -with the camp supervisor

                -and obey your chaperone

Property Rules

SPEED LIMIT                    15 km per hour. Please adhere to this speed at all times.


                                             Fees are payable on arrival. Deposit will be refunded after inspection by the Camp    Fee  Collector

NOISE                                All noise must cease at the 12.00am curfew.  Do not be a nuisance to any other person on the property.

LIGHTS OUT                    And silence in the dormitories at 10.00


CAMP FIRES                    Not permitted other than in the 'house


DOGS                                As we now have sheep grazing  NO DOGS  please

GARBAGE                        All rubbish must be placed in bins provided


MANURE                           All manure must be placed in bins/trailers provided.

SWEARING                      Is NOT acceptable. It is unnecessary and embarrassing to others.

SMOKING                         No smoking is allowed in dormitories or stables.

ALCOHOL                        Not allowed for persons under 18 years.

DRUGS                              Illegal drugs totally forbidden. Instant dismissal if this rule is broken.

PROVISIONS                   You must provide all requirements for your horse. You must provide all requirements for yourself.


All persons under 18 years must be chaperoned when staying overnight at Monarto.


1.            If you are unable to stay with your child it is your responsibility to ensure that another club parent will accept the responsibility for your child and horse.

2.            SIGNED CONFIRMATION from the chaperone is required on the entry form. Spot checks will be made prior to events.

3.         When leaving your child at the Centre, if the chaperone has not arrived, please report to the Secretary's Office and advise personnel of the situation.  If the chaperone does not arrive, your child will have to leave the grounds. Parents will be notified.

4.            Parents or chaperones must stay on the property overnight.

5.            Check the events schedules for the times when the Centre will be open.

6.            A Club Supervisor is to be nominated by each Pony Club for each Southern Zone Pony Club event at Monarto.